Welcome to The Desperate DM!

You’ve found me – but why should you bother reading anything I have to say?

The Desperate DM is a site dedicated to sharing the D&D love – and personal experiences – with those who have been engaged in building narratives for years, and with those who feel too anxious or unable to participate in a game that they really wish they could.

Why do this?

Lots of people openly like being geeks. They own it. Nerds. Geeks. Losers (depending on your circle). However, in my imaginary Venn diagram there’s a whole host of people around the world who enjoy geek culture, including but not limited to: RPGs, tabletop gaming, cosplaying, …and D&D – and do it privately. Secretly.

For some, it’s a hobby or passion. For others, it’s a genuine escape from mental health issues. And for some, it’s a very private, and very lonely pastime which frustrates and infuriates due to a lack of confidence or feeling too introvert to ‘join in’.

Addressing the former, I enjoy talking about RPGs, crafting narratives, and escapism when I’m not educating teenagers in a secondary school. To you I say, I hope you take a minute to hear (!) my humble voice on the subject. To the latter, I’m simply hoping to provide a metaphorical ear to someone who perhaps can’t share with those they want to, or who can’t join in for whatever reason holds them back.

There’s a third group in the Venn Diagram – one that I firmly place myself into. I’ll write a blog about things I love, but remain anonymous doing it. I’ll jump to go DM at Geek Retreat, but then tell my co-workers that I spent my Sunday afternoon ‘chilling out’. My own motivation for this? Try to own it. Be a nerd. Be a geek. Be a loser.

As well as posting about random D&D or other non-related thoughts, I also intend to post my campaigns and narratives for anyone to enjoy.

If anything I write makes you smile, or think, or even raises your eyebrows, then none of this was a waste of time. I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you have anything you want to say.

I need you to roll initiative.

The Desperate DM.

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