Campaign 1 – Episode 1: Goblin Ambush

The party met as strangers at Misty’s Rest – an inn on the eastern side of the coastal city of Neverwinter – at the request of the excitable dwarf Gundren Rockseeker who had contracted individuals through a combination of a local notice board and personal relationships to earn 30 gold pieces each for escorting both Gundren and his supply wagon southwards to a trading post in the settlement of Phandalin called Barthen’s Provisions. As the group – an abrupt rogue, quiet barbarian, downcast bard, petulant Water Genasi and overly familiar Aasimar – finished small talk over breakfast, a boy messenger burst into the inn to announce that Gundren had already decided to begin the journey the previous afternoon under the guise of ‘urgent business’. And so, the party immediately began to travel with Gundren’s supply wagon along the main high road during a grey and dull morning before turning south-east onto the trail to Phandalin – not before Pinrun, the rogue half-ling, attempted to embarrass and annoy the Goliath barbarian, Gore-Grey.

Around noon on the trail, with stormy clouds still sagging heavy in the sky, the party came across two dead horses blocking the road in the distance, black arrows protruding from the dead animals. Pinrun acted decisively, if not clumsily, and tried to make his way through the woodlands to flank the obstacle, but quickly retreated as the blue-skinned Water Genasi, Akra, and Gore-Grey drew closer to investigate. Akra approached and – upon investigating one of the arrows – was suddenly ambushed by a party of goblins.

During the confusing skirmish, Akra was critically injured from a goblin short-bow and had to be healed twice by the towering cleric Zinssa, the rest of the party quickly taking care of all but one of the goblins. Severely wounded, the lone goblin managed to escape into the brush…

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