Campaign 1 – Episode 2: Tracking the Goblins

In the aftermath of the goblin ambush on the trail towards Phandalin, the party recognised that one of the dead horses blocking the path had belonged to their employer: Gundren Rockseeker. Zinssa carefully checked the environment and discovered the tracks of the ambush party, and something else entirely: the shapes of two cumbersome beings seemingly dragged through the dirt. Zinssa surmised that this area had perhaps been routinely used as a staging point for ambushing travellers and was keen to investigate the further – driven by an altruistic core. So, the party, now seemingly led by Pinrun, took their time to hide Gundren’s supply wagon and then began to follow the trail of the wounded goblin. Moving carefully through the trees, Pinrun spotted and avoided a trap which lay across the hidden route, and was then quick enough to avoid falling into a dangerous pit further along the trail. The boisterous rogue bickered as they travelled – aiming insults at the Goliath, Gore-Grey. Eventually, the goblin trail led the party to the opening of a great cave. Noisy discussion commenced, and –  as the group entered – two goblin guards swiftly attacked from a thicket bordering the cave entrance, but were quickly defeated.

The party decided to enter and inched along the cave, following a gentle stream that bubbled its way down from the greater depths of the cavern. The group’s lack of care and caution, however, caused them to be spotted by a guarding goblin at a distant rope-bridge deeper inside the cavern. The creature abandoned its post and doused its torchlight, leaving the group in the dim darkness. Pressing onward and following the stream into a steeper ascent, the cavern trembled and then roared as a swell and torrent of water suddenly flooded the cave. Only the Water-Genasi, Akra, was able to escape the flood entirely, Zinssa and Gore-Grey able to cling tightly to the cave walls as the half-elf bard, Kai, and Pinrun were swept to the mouth of the cave with minor injury. Opting to regroup and follow the trail towards the rope-bridge, the group were once again surprised by waiting goblins in another cavern nearby who had triggered the trap for any intruders into their lair.

During the attack, Kai suffered critical injuries when too slow to act, whilst Gore-Grey demonstrated his brutal, raging strength; he launched one goblin at another, and then decapitated another creature. Akra managed to distract one of the distant goblins using an illusion, but failed to finish off the creature who clung desperately to life; the creature nimbly escaped into another portion of the cave, but Gore-Grey instinctively bound after the creature…

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