Sunday Shoutout!

The D&D community is thriving – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic! Help us share some great individuals and groups who have a creative passion; some of these are borne and driven by mental health, whilst some are simply owning who they are and what they love.

This Sunday, we have something for Critical Role fans – talented illustrator, Sefie Valentyne, and D&D artist, Victoria Marshall at Raven Ranger Designs. We also want to share talented D&D map designer @dungeonmapstash, and cosplayer, Marian Mantovani (who wrote a guest post for us) – check out her commissioned art!

Finally, we wanted to share a growing tabletop community in the UK: East Suffolk Gaming Community. Check them all out below!

Got something you would like to share? Get in touch!

Sefie Valentyne: check out her page at

Raven Ranger Designs: check out more work at

Mantovani Portraits: Follow Marian on

@dungeonmaptash: visit for amazing hand-drawn tabletop maps

East Suffolk Gaming Community:

Here at the ESGC, we believe that no one should be held back from playing tabletop games for any reason – especially if the reason is because of a lack of experience, never having played before or because of social barriers! We are based in the rural countryside of Suffolk near Wickham Market, just off the A12 and were holding regular weekly meetings every Wednesday. We currently play D&D, an immersive and interactive story-telling style game in a fantasy setting but would be looking to expand by bringing in more players across a range of different games and themes.

There are many different types of games which are a lot of fun, they also exercise and develop important life skills, such as:
-Maths and English
-Teamwork and leadership
-Critical thinking and problem solving
-Planning and strategy execution
-Imagination and creativity
-Social engagement and much more!

We are hoping to open up again as soon as the lockdown measures begin to ease off, but for the time being we are looking to get up and running through digital platforms which can be inclusive of many different devices to simply be able to play once again. Please get in touch for more information or to get involved today!

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