Campaign 1 – Episode 6: Lamb to the Slaughter

Whilst discussing their plans to intervene with the Redbrands terrorising the locals of Phandalin, and aware the brigand leader promised to return in the evening, Gore-Grey ventured into the woods of Neverwinter stretching far from the main road to Phandalin. Carrying the tiny lamb purchased from a Phandalin farmer, the goliath spotted and followed specks of blood which he discovered within the woods. He followed the trail to find a mutilated deer, dead and horrifically mauled, and then continued on to where he thought the banshee might be.

Meanwhile, the party explored their next steps and Akra sent her pet – Zero – to spy on the woods neighbouring the manor house at the north of town. As Pinrun spent time crafting makeshift bolts from vials of acid, a female human burst through the door of the Stonehill Inn – the party recognising her as the local farmer. ‘They’ve taken my boy!’ she pleaded hysterically to the locals of the tavern. Akra and Zinssa pulled her to their table and learnt that the boy had been repeatedly seen playing near the manor house but had now disappeared. The party planned what to do next.

Moving deeper into the woods of Neverwinter, Gore-Grey soon found himself surrounded. Wolves had crept their way towards him and began to circle him from a distance. The goliath decided to press further along the trail towards the banshee, but was soon attacked by the predators. Severely outnumbered and wounded, Gore-Grey threw the lamb he had been carrying deep into the woods. Three of the remaining four wolves instantly gave pursuit, but a single wolf, having already tasted the blood and flesh of Gore-Grey, remained.

The wolf leapt towards the goliath, lunging with open mouth for the barbarian’s exposed throat. Gore-Grey could not defend himself against the attack.

Back in Phandalin, the party left the Stonehill Inn to find they had been deceived; six Redbrands awaited them in the street and encouraged the strangers to leave town. Pinrun responded by unloosening a bolt to the group’s leader and a fight ensued. The party were quickly successful in killing the brigands – Zinssa and Pinrun preventing a survivor from escaping back to the manor. They then headed to the local orchard to meet with the retired fighter, Daran Edermath. They learnt from him that there was an alternative entrance to the manor – the cellar, which had previously been used by cooks and cleaners alike. At this point, the group grew divisive – Pinrun fiercely believed they should make their way to the manor, whilst Zinssa wanted to find their missing companion, Gore-Grey. They split – Pinrun and Kai hiding near the cellar entrance of the manor house and awaiting nightfall. Zinssa and Akra headed for the banshee.

Finding the same blood trail within the woods, Zinssa and Akra eventually found their way to a dome-like shelter. The air grew colder, and an elven spectre grew appeared before them. The female figure’s vanity was quickly appealed to by the courteous and complimentary Zinssa: ‘I am Agatha, ask me one question – one alone – and I will give you an honest answer’. Akra asked the banshee about Sister Garella’s missing spell-book and was duly answered. The spectre then vanished and would not respond.

Marching back through the woods, the pair then found their companion. Pale and bloodless, the goliath, Gore-Grey lay dead in the woods. Following a moment of prayer and grief, Zinssa and Akra travelled back to Phandalin without encounter.

The afternoon now edges closer towards evening. Pinrun and Kai wait to the north of the settlement – hidden from view. Akra and Zinssa find an upset and visibly shaken Sister Garella inside the Stonehill Inn…


  1. Beautiful writing; how ever do your players not realise the whole character class system is to create a combined arms group that works together but is vulnerable alone?


    • Thank you for the comment! As they’re only meant to be concise summaries of our story that’s kind of you to say.

      I think the party have realised now. Most of them are completely new to playing so there was a video game mentality that has quickly been adjusted. Saying that, I did give the character three different narrative hints that this wasn’t a good idea!


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