Campaign 1 – Episode 7: A Disturbed Rest

Sister Garella, sitting alone at a table in the Stonehill Inn, thanked Zinssa and Akra for their aid in communicating with Agatha and rewarded them with three vials of different colours – one of which she hoped proves useful in any planned attack against the Redbrands: a potion of resist hold. Zinssa and Akra also learned that Sister Garella was actually a member of a network of spies called the Harpers, and could not intervene with the troubles at Phandalin else risk her cover being blown.

The party finally reconvened at the edge of the woodlands near the Phandalin manor house, and heatedly debated their plans for the evening which drew a couple of patrolling Redbrands. They were quickly defeated, and Kai attempted to disguise himself as one of the brigands. As the afternoon waned into evening, six Redbrands – seemingly intoxicated – were seen leaving the manor and heading with torches into the town. Kai attempted to deceive them, but even in their drunken state the Redbrands could see through his disguise and chased him towards the woods. Casting Thunderwave, the bard killed half of the group, but needed his friends to attack the remaining villains from the treeline.

After a short fight, the party decided to camp in the woods, close enough to view the cellar entrance to the manor. Zinssa took first watch and saw three Redbrands leave the building. Enticing them as a prostitute, the aasimar cleric attempted to lure the three into the woodlands, but her plan backfired when the men began to pull her towards the house. The party, disturbed from their long rest and exhausted following the day’s fighting, quickly dispatched with the shocked Redbrands, and stood at the cellar door to discuss their actions. At that point, Sildar Hallwinter hurried from the woods, cloaked and prepared for action – he whispered to the party that he believed his missing friend, Iarno Albrek, to be inside, reprimanded the party for making such a commotion, and dashed through the cellar entrance.

The party hesitated, then followed.

Inside the cellar, heated discussion from the party drew two Redbrands from a nearby room and another fight ensued. After killing them, Kai used his mage hand to lift a submerged leather satchel from a small reservoir of water found inside. The bard pocketed the items within without further investigation, and the party moved into a nearby corridor that Pinrun deducted had been used by Sildar. The rogue, however, failed to spot a trap and an invisible force lifted him into the air and held him in stasis. Kai once again used his mage hand to pull on Pinrun’s grappling hook, and the party pulled together to release him from the hold of the trap.

The party, fatigued and seemingly out of options, faced the door at the end of the corridor…

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