Campaign 1 – Episode 8: The Manor

The party moved their way through the east wing of the manor house – now home of the Redbrands – narrowly escaping death at the hands of three skeletons who reanimated once they were physically touched by Kai, and an ambush from behind by two encroaching humans. Despite the attack, the party successfully moved through the manor crypts; Pinrun looted the long-decomposed corpses of the previous family who had once held residence there. In a neighbouring room, the group discovered a makeshift cell, within which they found a terrified farmer’s boy, and an unconscious half-orc who would not respond to the party.

With the young boy held closely by Akra, the group chose to move through an abandoned store room – ignoring a locked door nearby – and stepped into a cavernous opening. The foundations of the house had crumbled through centuries past and exposed a deep cut in the ground which dissected the house. As soon as the group moved nearer, they were instantly assailed by a voice in their heads – a frantic and repetitive whispering which incessantly talked of eating and killing and maiming. The relentless words suddenly changed and began to focus on the party’s deepest secrets – all but Zinssa were affected, but the party were left with questions unanswered about their companions: Kai’s dying mother, Akra’s prophesised betrayal, and the real identity of Pinrun. The cleric attempted to communicate with the creature: a single great eye peering back from the depths of the cavern, but the deranged creature fled and disappeared from view – not before taunting her with her failure to save Gore-Grey.

Made invisible by a potion found in the cellar, Pinrun found a tunnel opening at the southern edge of the manor, and entered the depths as the party awaited his return. Unbeknownst to them, the rogue headed straight into the path of the psychic creature, and fell immediately unconscious from its rotting gaze. Zinssa attempted to follow and discovered the tunnel led back into the fresh air of Phandalin – and the still body of Pinrun.

Hiding her companion’s body, she rushed back to the party who then made their slow crawl to the outside air, where torches, Redbrands…and Glass-Staff awaited them…

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