Sunday Shoutout! 17th May 2020

The D&D community is thriving – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic! Help us share some great individuals and groups who have a creative passion; some of these are borne and driven by mental health, whilst some are simply owning who they are and what they love.

This Sunday, we’re thrilled to share our love of Critical Role with the amazingly talented @bellart03 – an incredible artist, cos-player, and designer on Etsy. We also wanted to share a portfolio of wonderful D&D work by artist and graphic designer Jen (@jens_dnd).

Check out their work below and follow the links to see more of their creations!

Got something you would like to share? Get in touch!

@bellart03: take a look at Bella’s work on instagram at as well as viewing her store at

@jens_dnd: see more of Jen’s work at or

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