About the DM

Thirty-something. English teacher. Geek.


I can’t actually remember when my anxiety started to make itself physically present; it rolled a 20 for stealth and crept up on me throughout my adult life until it was suddenly just…there. Since then, I’ve established myself as a high-functioning and outwardly confident individual who succumbs to physical bouts of mental health when I least expect it. But…after years of playing console RPGs, writing fiction, and privately wishing to play D&D, my 2020 resolution was to muster the courage to get involved in a real game. With real people.

What I discovered: a wonderful world of like-minded individuals, new friendships which spanned continents, and the dreamy tones of Matthew Mercer.

Fast-forward, and now I DM. A lot. But it really struck me early on in my playing days just how many people are actively (and secretly) searching for a D&D party but their anxiety and mental health gets in the way. So, I decided to start a blog – a place where I (and others) could come together to share their passion, and their worries, with an anonymous DM and a wonderful community they have yet to interact with.

So, make an insight check.

What did you roll?

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