Live Campaign

Within days of the UK closing schools because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I responded to a Facebook post from a woman in London who was seeking a Dungeon Master for her newly formed D&D party. Playing online using Roll20 and Skype, we now have an international party of wonderful people! Using the official Lost Mines of Phandelver Starter Kit, we have quickly branched into a more organic campaign and have decided to share the narrative for your own inspiration or enjoyment. We would love to hear what you think!

Campaign 1 – Episode 9: Forgotten

Trapped at the opening of the tunnel under the manor house, the group finally come face to face with the wizard, Glass-Staff, who immediately gestured to Zinssa and cast hold person upon her. The cleric could only watch as each of her companions was knocked unconscious […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 8: The Manor

The party moved their way through the east wing of the manor house – now home of the Redbrands – narrowly escaping death at the hands of three skeletons who reanimated once they were physically touched by Kai, and an ambush from behind by […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 7: A Disturbed Rest

Sister Garella, sitting alone at a table in the Stonehill Inn, thanked Zinssa and Akra for their aid in communicating with Agatha and rewarded them with three vials of different colours – one of which she hoped proves useful in any planned attack against the Redbrands: a potion of resist hold. Zinssa and Akra also […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 6: Lamb to the Slaughter

Whilst discussing their plans to intervene with the Redbrands terrorising the locals of Phandalin, and aware the brigand leader promised to return in the evening, Gore-Grey ventured into the woods of Neverwinter stretching far from the main road to Phandalin. Carrying the tiny lamb purchased from a Phandalin farmer, the goliath spotted and followed specks […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 5: Arrival at Phandalin

In the aftermath of the bonfire, Pinrun fled the scene but was tracked and followed by Kai. The tempestuous rogue began to explore the northern part of Phandalin: a large manor house which loomed above the settlement and was visibly damaged on the western side. Pinrun moved closer and attempted to climb the debris and […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 4: Bards and Bonfires

The party decided to return to the goblin cave in haste – hoping to find Klaarg and potentially some information on the disappearance of their missing employer, Gundren. Tracing their steps, the group could no longer find any evidence of the original ambush and hurried quickly onward into the woodlands. Gore-Grey led the group back […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 3: A Fair Trade

The party followed the raging and bloodthirsty Gore-Grey into the next part of the goblin cave and were suddenly halted by the sight of a new foe: a taller than average goblin with an ugly scimitar pressed against the neck of a badly beaten human male dressed in travelling gear. This creature, calling himself Yeelick, […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 2: Tracking the Goblins

In the aftermath of the goblin ambush on the trail towards Phandalin, the party recognised that one of the dead horses blocking the path had belonged to their employer: Gundren Rockseeker. Zinssa carefully checked the environment and discovered the tracks of the ambush party, and something else entirely: the shapes of two cumbersome beings seemingly […]

Campaign 1 – Episode 1: Goblin Ambush

The party met as strangers at Misty’s Rest – an inn on the eastern side of the coastal city of Neverwinter – at the request of the excitable dwarf Gundren Rockseeker who had contracted individuals through a combination of a local notice board and personal relationships to earn 30 gold pieces each for escorting both […]